Cascade Alliance

Global Recycling Day

Ever heard of the seventh resource? We hadn’t either until we stumbled on Global Recycling Day, March 18, 2018, being launched by the International Bureau of Recycling. This international initiative promotes awareness, commitment and action by individuals and organizations to increase their recycling efforts. The website offers a hub of resources, sharing and action for organizations to highlight their recycling programs and commitments.   So what is this “seventh resource”? It’s the stuff we humans create and we like thinking of it as something worth preserving to use and reuse, rather than as an eventual waste product.

In 2017, the Saint Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County, and the Cascade Alliance together were responsible for reusing, upcycling and recycling about 50 million pounds of materials.  We all remain fully committed to increasing the percentage of materials diverted from the waste stream while providing job and career opportunities and funding programs that serve the disadvantaged members of our communities.

You can participate in Global Recycling Day by checking out the website.  We recommend encouraging your communities to ask themselves the seven questions around the seventh resource.