Cascade Alliance

About Us

“Launching a new venture in the non-profit context is daunting; doing it within the Cascade Alliance gives us comfort and courage from knowing that there is a compass for traveling these unchartered waters.”

– Adrienne Houel, GBCE Executive Director

The Cascade Alliance helps nonprofit organizations take control of their financial future by transforming them into a self-sufficient, job-creating community enterprise. With St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County’s proven process, demonstrated expertise, and more than 50 years of experience, we help Cascade Alliance members launch or improve a waste-based business and turn discarded mattresses, books, clothing, and other items into a stable revenue stream and source of secure, quality jobs. (Wondering what a waste-based business is? Click here!)

The result: financial stability for the organization, a cleaner, more sustainable environment for all, and the opportunity for a healthier, more secure life for the most vulnerable in the community.




Stronger, Healthier, and Cleaner Communities

Our goal is to help our members achieve their mission, whether it’s creating jobs and providing affordable housing for the most vulnerable or improving the environment for all. We do this by creating a path to self-reliance that enables nonprofit organizations to minimize their dependence on grants and donations. At St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County, we have created a financially stable social services network that provides hundreds of quality jobs. Through the Cascade Alliance, we are replicating this success by sharing the advice, tools, and processes that community organizations need to establish a source of steady revenue while creating permanent jobs for those who need them most. Organizations who work with us must demonstrate a commitment to helping create jobs that lead to better health.

The Cascade Alliance is managed by the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County and received funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation during start-up. Interested in donating? Follow this link and select Cascade Alliance.

For more information: contact Bethany Cartledge, or 541-743-7153