Cascade Alliance

Technique Tuesday: Creating Successful Store Displays

This week for Technique Tuesday, we will be focusing on the steps it takes to create a successful store display.  These tips are especially relatable with the holiday season starting. The images for examples in this blog are from one of our St. Vinnie’s locations in Eugene.  With just a few simple steps, you too can create a successful display, even in a small space.

  1. Make sure the display is clean and easy to shop. Are there pathways? Make sure there’s accessibility throughout the display. Are all the items priced?  Reduce confusion by double checking that everything has a price tag.
  2. Set up the display in a way that makes it easy to picture in your home to inspire the customer to purchase multiple things together. We’ve found it’s easier to sell bed frames if they are set up with a bed in them, couches sell better in a living room set up, etc.
  3. Create themed displays. Include Christmas items together, set out dish sets with placemats and silverware, and glasses.


We hope these suggestions help you with your next store display and create some inspiration!