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Five Headline Friday (2/2/18)

Happy Friday! Here’s our fourth installment of “Five Headline Friday.” Each week we pull together our top five articles, news stories, and reports and share them here. This week we touch on the cost of housing for homeless patients, the world’s first intelligent waste bin, Austin’s reuse challenge and more. Read on…

Why Hospitals Are Subsidizing Apartments for the Homeless

 A win-win for homeless people and hospitals, in subsidizing the cost of housing for homeless patients.  Hospitals are contributing because being housed improves homeless people’s health.  It’s an investment that appears to be saving health costs as well as having a positive impact on homelessness.

Development Authority, Lewis County (New York) Launching Mattress Recycling Pilot Program

The Development Authority of the North Country (DANC),  a public agency in northern New York State, is charged with supporting regional infrastructure facilities, including a landfill.  The agency has partnered with Lewis County to “launch a pilot program to measure the economic viability of mattress recycling.”

Made in Poland: Artificial Intelligence Sorting System

“The world’s first intelligent waste bin’ will ‘revolutionize sorting behaviour’ and may boost recycling rates at public hotspots by as much as 80%.”

Manufacturing Fund Launches to Support Industry–and Jobs—in New York City

Greenpoint Manufacturing & Design Center is a nonprofit whose mission is “to create and sustain viable spaces for manufacturing—for businesses that make stuff—in urban neighborhoods…Nonprofit or mission-oriented industrial developers can be more selective about their tenants, choosing those that are more likely to provide more higher-paying, more stable, and more accessible jobs — not just tenants that can pay the highest rent.”

Austin Looks to [Re] Verse its Waste Intake

“The city’s entrepreneurial competition challenges residents to devise ways to reuse discarded materials.”