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Five Headline Friday (5/18/18)

Happy Friday!  We’re back to share some headline news with you.  This week we’re looking at…questioning of fashion resale’s actual connection to sustainability,  systemic problems with recycling and what to do about it, a new tool to help health and human service organizations identify heath and well-being issues in their cities, and advice for non-profits as they approach the summer season.

Is The Growth Of Resale Really Linked To Sustainability?

The growth of designer resale offers more environmentally conscious choices for fashion consumers.  But the lure of lower priced luxury goods means some consumers simply throw away items after a few uses and buy more.  The article ends on a positive note, offering links to high end designers who are starting with sustainability at the core of their business.

Recycling is suffering from system failure; it’s time for a system redesign

This look at the current state of recycling describes how disposability and enforced consumption cycles, combined with recent strains on the recycling industry, reveal systemic design problems with recycling and suggests that consumers ought to value and demand re-usability over disposability/recyclability.

New Online Resource Gives Hundreds of U.S. Cities Access to Key Neighborhood-Level Health Data to Create Thriving Communities

The City Health Dashboard, launched this week, is a national searchable database that contains key indicators of health, social and economic well being that cities and health and human services organizations can use to target efforts with a local focus, in 500 of the largest cities in the US.

Does the pace of your social profit slow or quicken in summer? Either way, be prepared

This article provides suggestions to “social profits”- aka nonprofits, on being ready for shifts in staffing, volunteers, client service needs, and the budget cycle that occur over the summer months.