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Five Headline Friday (6/29/18)

We are back with some fresh headlines for you on this Five Headline Friday.

Circular Investing: Closed Loop Partners releases 2017 Impact Report

Closed Loop Partners is an investment firm working to catalyze the circular economy. Its investments support the use of recyclable materials in manufacturing.  Its impact report includes measures of recyclables to be returned to the supply chain and greenhouse gas emissions avoided. The report shows more than $43 million in investments in 19 states and three countries outside the U.S.

ABQ non-profit gets $1M federal grant for manufacturing facility

We love to see partnerships that help businesses fulfill social impact missions.   Southwest Creations Collaborative is an Albuquerque non-profit that employs 36 women in an industrial cut-and-sew factory. With a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration, the facility will be able to scale up its operations and services that expand job, leadership and educational opportunities for women.

Bookselling Tips from Children’s Institute 2018

For our partners that do online and retail bookselling, this article provides some helpful ideas to boost visibility and community engagement in book sales.  From the American Booksellers Association Children’s Institute.

Why Run a Pop-Up?

Last week we ran a successful tent sale featuring home and patio furnishings at Saint Vincent de Paul of Lane County, achieving over $60K in sales.  This temporary “here today, gone tomorrow” retail practice is also called a “pop-up shop” and here’s a nice article with the whys and hows of doing a pop-up shop with your retail business.

The Harm to Affordable Housing

This article describes how the 2017 Tax Act is likely to reduce corporate investment in affordable housing.  This is because the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit is worth less to financial companies whose corporate tax rate dropped significantly, and they no longer get as much value from the tax credit.  There’s reason for optimism, however.  Local community groups (Chicago, Altoon, WI, Winchester, MA eg), cities and states across the country are working on solutions.