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Friday Five (8/17/18)

 It’s time again for the Friday Five!

Since it’s National Thrift Shop Day, we thought it was appropriate to lead with For the Love of Thrift: New Data Reveals Thrift Shopping Habits

Read data shared from Savers sixth annual Thrift Shopping Survey.

Where even Walmart won’t go: how Dollar General took over rural America

How is Dollar General impacting the health of rural America? “Dollar General is opening stores at the rate of three a day across the US. It moves into places not even Walmart will go, targeting rural towns and damaged inner-city neighbourhoods with basic goods at basic prices – a strategy described by a former chief executive of the chain as “we went where they ain’t”. Not everything is to be had for a dollar, but rarely is anything priced above $10. But there is a cost. Dollar General’s aggressive pricing drives locally owned grocery stores out of business, replacing shelves stocked with fresh fruit, vegetables and meat with the kinds of processed foods underpinning the country’s obesity and diabetes crisis.”

Amazon settles ‘biodegradable’ claims case

What California law did the world’s largest e-commerce company break and what does that mean for other retailers?

Inside the Topsy-Turvy World of Mattress Recycling

Read on to learn about the impact the Mattress Recycling Council has made so far.

Why a Readily Available Used Paperback is Selling for Thousands of Dollars on Amazon

Be sure to watch the recommended podcast at the end for a dive into Amazon’s third-party seller system.