Cascade Alliance

Technique Tuesday: Social Media Strategies

This week for Technique Tuesday, we’re focusing on how to promote your organization through various ways on social media.  These examples are from our group and member organizations.  The techniques presented work well for us but of course, these techniques can be tailored to what fits best for your group!

Posting content of people

We’ve found that items we post to our Facebook page garner the most attention when we feature our director, Terry, or have a post with the cover picture set to one of our member organizations.  Viewers are interested in learning about people and what they do, not just having information listed on a screen.  Photos are a great visual to draw people in and generally attract more clicks.

Use albums for publishing photos

One of our members, The Scrap Exchange, uses albums to organize their photos and promote newer items.  Each month they have an album dedicated to new arrivals.  Creating albums rather than posting a single photo keeps photos in the same category together, and it also will post the whole album when a new photo is added.  Page viewers will have an easier time looking through photos and might be more inclined to click through.

Pay attention to web traffic

Another strategy St. Vinnie’s Stores does as well as Cascade Alliance, is to post our items on social media at peak times.  These times are usually around lunch, late afternoon and evening.  Most people are scrolling through their phones on their lunch break, checking their phones in the afternoon to make the workday go faster, and one last check in on social media in the evening before they turn in for the night.  We like to refer to this website for prime times to publish content: 


A question for our members:  What strategy have you found works best for promoting your content?