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Retail Thrift Book Departments: How to Create a Profitable Display

In the retail world, displays play an important role in making your store visually appealing and marketing your product. This holds true of books in retail thrift—maintaining robust book displays draws customers into your book section, highlights more valuable items, and ultimately drives sales.

The benefits of book displays are manifold. Because presentation adds value to the product you are selling, you are able hit a higher profit margin on displayed books. Interested in adding or improving a book display? Here are some tips!

Maximizing your book display’s effectiveness:

How to put together a display in an optimal location:

What types of books should be on display:

It’s important to reflect a variety of subjects to mirror the diverse interests of customers. For example, some customers come for cookbooks, some like history, and others come for fiction. In this vein, a book doesn’t have to be new to go up front. Themed displays, such as seasonal or genre-based, also work well.

There are many creative avenues to ramp up your book department’s appeal. When you don’t have access to a stand-alone unit to place your product, simply adding star attraction books to your other store displays serves the same purpose. We hope this guide inspires you to boost your sales with a book display!