Cascade Alliance

Safety in the Workplace: Tips from Cascade Alliance

Here at St. Vinnie’s, we make safety a priority for everyone. We bring up a safety related topic every two weeks at meetings all store staff attend, have regular safety inspections, and we’ve created an anonymous reporting tool to encourage employees to let management know about any safety concerns.

However, even with the proactive measures we take, we still have preventable incidents. A few months ago, we had a new forklift driver make a mistake; thankfully she was okay, but the forklift did not fare as well. She had been taking a bin out to the dumpster and did not lower the fork tines which caused her to tip over.  We’ve also had an inexperienced driver pull away from the dock while a forklift was still in the back of the truck.

Below are some tips for forklift safety:

We hope these tips help to keep your workplace safe.