Cascade Alliance

Technique Tuesday: Collaborating with Organizations in Your City

What if our world was more focused on community and collaboration, rather than competition with one another?  A local donut shop in Portland, OR is doing just that – and so is St. Vincent de Paul and Cascade Alliance Members.

Pip’s Donuts features other local businesses on their Instagram, encouraging their customers to try out these places.  They created a hashtag #communitynotcompetition to further encourage people and to share photos.  Social media is a powerful tool – don’t be afraid to use it to share your efforts of collaboration – and possibly continue this trend of collaboration (read more about trendsetting in our past blog post).

Below are some ways we’ve collaborated with other organizations in our area.  These examples can be useful in brainstorming for your organization as well.

Our members have been hard at work with their efforts of collaborating in their communities, below are some examples from The Scrap Exchange: