Cascade Alliance

Technique Tuesday: Effective Advertising with Social Media

Social media is one of the most popular ways to advertise.  Looking to up your social media game?  Below are some ways St. Vinnie’s effectively uses social media to bring customers in and some ways that our Cascade Alliance members and friends have found work well.

St. Vinnie’s utilizes Facebook and Instagram to highlight some of the items that come through our many stores.  This is an effective way to advertise as our customers see items they’re interested in, visit our stores, and purchase more items than just the few things seen in social media photos.  St. Vinnie’s has been using Instagram to feature more of the furniture and household related items – we’ve been keeping with a theme of light and airy for a cohesive look on Instagram.  This is a great way to show how these items could fit in with a potential customer’s living plan design.

Being authentic and consistent on social media have been crucial to the success of our good friends at Clever Octopus.  They focus on content marketing and share the stories of individuals who donate, shop, and volunteer at the Clever Octopus Creative Reuse Center.  On Instagram, Clever Octopus constantly updates their stories and organizes them into “highlight” sections. Putting up stories of new items sparks their followers’ interest.  They have also been consistently doing “Freebie Fridays” where their customers can pick out an item (or a few items, depending on the size and value) for free.  Each week, they have something different, but it is something that they can expect each Friday.

Big Reuse was able to sell a pretty beat up but nonetheless Vintage painting via Instagram 6hrs after it was posted to their store page last week. The buyer was able to call and see if it was still available and once confirmed he was in the store within the hour.

Tips for store settings include being consistent with prices and open minded to even hagglers as they attempt to shave more than they should off the price of an item, the exchange should always be pleasant whether it was successful or not in the negotiations.

We hope these tips and success stories help you with your future store endeavors!

*Below are some examples of Instagram marketing.