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Technique Tuesday: Keeping Up With Vintage Trends

*Today’s blog was written from the perspective of our Cascade Alliance Communications Coordinator – a millennial through and through who loves vintage fashion.

You know that phrase, “Everything old is new again?”  It’s true.  Those velvet scrunchies you loved as a young teen?  Faded high waisted jeans with zero stretch?  Gunne Sax prairie dresses?  They’ve all returned!  If you browse through your local Target, Forever21, or thrift store, you’ll find many fashion trends from the past that have made their way back.

Second-hand thrift shopping is another popular trend – and even more so with the gaining popularity of Marie Kondo and the items those closet purges that end of at thrift stores.  Just take a look on YouTube, for instance.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of video creators film themselves picking out items in a thrift store that they can repurpose/alter, or to show off the vintage items they were able to score.  Young adults are more likely to hit up the thrift stores or lower priced stores rather than shopping at department stores or the mall.  So how can thrift stores take advantage of the influx of vintage shoppers and vintage trends?

We’ve compiled some suggestions down below of ways to engage with young adults, how to identify vintage pieces, and some of the trends that are popping up.

Some ways stores can engage with the younger demographic and market the vintage goods they sell:

A good example of having vintage clothing in one spot is in our St. Vinnie’s store in downtown Eugene.  Much of the clothing there is vintage or vintage inspired and the location is in an area close to the local university.  Some of our other stores have specific sections of their store for vintage items.

Below is a list of vintage trends that have come back.  Of course, this isn’t an extensive list.  For a more comprehensive list of trends, click here.

But how do we identify vintage pieces?

Here are some tips to identifying vintage pieces.  You can view the full list here.

At the bottom are some images of an outfit with vintage pieces that I found at one of our St. Vinnie’s thrift stores.  Outfits as such are easy to find in thrift stores and can easily be put together for a display.