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Technique Tuesday: Marie Kondo and Jason Momoa? Keeping Up With Pop Culture

You might be wondering who the two names are in this blog title.  Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant and author of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up.  Jason Momoa is an actor, and both have relevance to the work our Cascade Alliance members partake in, believe it or not.  As businesses and organizations, how do we incorporate popular culture into our everyday social media marketing?

Marie Kondo and Jason Momoa are relevant to the work of Cascade Alliance as Marie Kondo has helped spur people to donate their used clothing and other items to thrift stores which helps keep clothing out of the waste stream.  Last weekend Jason Momoa (who most recently starred in Aquaman) shaved his beard to promote recycling (all of our members recycle – whether it’s through mattress deconstruction, or recycling used books and clothing that’s unable to be sold).  He posted a video about his new line of canned water and how recycling aluminum can help reduce plastic waste – an important problem around the world.  Momoa – who has also starred in Batman vs. Superman and Justice League, is pretty relevant in pop culture (no surprise there!).

Mentioning popular news stories and/or people in your organization’s social media feed is a great way to get people to notice the work you do.  By paying attention to pop culture and figuring out a way to tie those stories back into the work your organization does, your posts will show up in people’s algorithms on social media and more people will learn about your mission.

Our number one suggestion to staying relevant: be aware of what’s currently in the news.  Consider setting up Google Alerts with keywords relevant to you.  Another way to is to pay attention to trending topics on Twitter.  What are the trending hashtags? Is there any way you can tie in your mission or work to the conversation?

Below are some websites that are good sources for finding relevant news:

o   Business insider

o   Forbes

o   NBC

o   Refinery29