Cascade Alliance

Working With Us

“The Cascade Alliance has been an invaluable resource to UTEC’s Mattress Recycling enterprise.  They have  provided hands-on counsel and expert guidance from the time we got started across all aspects of our business to ensure the success of our venture.”

– Ed Frechette, Chief Innovation Officer, UTEC, Inc.

Cascade Alliance members receive full-service consulting services to help them establish a waste-based (reuse and recycling), revenue-generating social enterprise. We also provide access to resources, including sample business plans, budgets, information on commodity markets, and best practices. Through the Cascade Alliance, members can network with other nonprofit organizations that have established a waste-based, sustainable social enterprise.

To help us evaluate whether your organization will be a good fit for this program, we’re asking all potential members to complete a questionnaire. There is no “passing” or “failing” grade; this is just our chance to get to know you better. Once you submit the completed questionnaire, we will schedule a follow-up call to discuss opportunities. (If you have any questions, please contact Bethany Cartledge at

Step 1: Complete the new member questionnaire

What happens next? Review the Steps to Becoming a Member of the Cascade Alliance.

Cascade Alliance Members:

St Vincent de Paul of Lane County (Program Manager)
Eugene, Oregon
projects: retail thrift; mattress recycling; appliance recycling; cfc recycling; auto sales; glass recycling; online book sales; upcycling & manufacturing

Big Reuse
New York City, New York
project: building materials reuse, household misc., retail books

Clever Octopus
Salt Lake City, Utah
project: creative reuse retail

DR3 Recycling Woodland
Woodland, California
project: mattress recycling

Finger Lakes ReUse
Ithaca, New York
project: retail thrift, building deconstruction, and computer refurbishing

Furniture Bank of Atlanta Metro
Atlanta, Georgia
project: mattress recycling; retail sales

Global Neighborhood
Spokane, Washington
project: retail thrift

Greater Bridgeport Community Enterprises
Bridgeport, Connecticut
project: mattress recycling

Houston Furniture Bank
Houston, TX
project: mattress recycling

Indigo Hippo
Cincinnati, Ohio
project: scrap store

Klamath Works
Klamath Falls, OR
project: mattress recycling

The Mustard Seed of Central Florida
Orlando, Florida
project: mattress recycling

Opportunity House
Reading, Pennsylvania
project: retail & online thrift and book sales

St. Vincent de Paul of Dayton, OH
Dayton, Ohio
project: retail thrift

The Scrap Exchange
Durham, North Carolina
project: retail thrift, industrial discard materials, scrap store and online sales

Tap Into Hope
Roanoke, Virginia
project: online books

UTEC, Inc.
Lowell, Massachusetts
project: mattress recycling

Union Rescue Mission
Wichita, Kansas
project: online book sales

Inactive members

Cara (Chapter Two)
Chicago, Illinois
project: online book and media sales

Exceed Enterprises
Milwaukie, Oregon
project: upcycling & manufacturing; collect reusable items at transfer sites

Society of St. Vincent de Paul Council of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
project: retail & online thrift

The Up Center
Norfolk, Virginia
project: retail and online book sales; mattress broker

The Urban League of Essex County
Newark, New Jersey
project: retail thrift and online sales