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Five Headline Friday (1/19/18)

Happy Friday! Here’s our third installment of “Five Headline Friday.” Each week we pull together our top five articles, news stories, and reports and share them here. This week we follow the ongoing global conversation around China’s plastic ban, touch on redesigning fashion’s future and more. Read on…


Plastics Pile Up as China Refuses to Take the West’s Recycling

With all of the news available regarding the plastic ban, we liked this article which outlined the repercussions of the ban.

Where Exports Displaced from China are Finding a Home

This is a vital piece amidst the conversations regarding the plastic ban. Find out which country has nearly quadrupled its U.S. sourced imports of plastics last year…

SWANA: 7 Solid Waste Fatalities in First 10 Days of 2018

We are always interested in putting safety first; SWANA plans to roll out a safety program which will provide resources and spread best practices.

Recycling Goes Hi Tech

Exciting for this county to get a new waste recovery system, but we wonder if its estimated 90 percent accuracy rate will be sufficient, given that China is requiring a contamination rate of less than 1 percent. Perhaps the new emerging markets for plastic will be able to absorb what previously went to China.

A New Textiles Economy: Redesigning Fashion’s Future

Pretty exciting to know we’re on the same page as the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in keeping textiles out of the waste stream. We’ll be following their work in helping redesign fashion’s future, and we always like to celebrate our upcycled clothing line Envia Fashions.