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Five Headline Friday (3/2/18)

Here’s our latest “Five Headline Friday.”  This week we are reading about the Super Bowl doing super waste diversion, Millennials donating their parents’ stuff to thrift stores, networking to advance local social enterprise, a check-in with how the EPA is approaching sustainable materials management in the Trump era, and a presentation by Greg Vestri, a profit-non-profit “bridger”, on how non-profits can use a profit-oriented framework to reduce dependence on donations to fund growth.

Super Bowl 2018 achieves highest-ever recycling rate

The 2018 Super Bowl achieved an all-time 91% record of waste diversion, according to the National Football League.  Recycling/reuse, and the use of compostable utensils and packaging resulted in 63 tonnes of waste diversion.

As Millennials scale back, thrift stores get more donations

Rather than inheriting their parents’ household goods and clothing, Millennials and Gen Xers are often passing them on to thrift stores.  Business Insider explores some of the reasons:  adopting minimalist values, delaying home ownership and mobile lifestyles.

Local firms seek to advance social entrepreneurship in central Indiana

A law firm in Indiana is helping to advance social entrepreneurship in the area.  They found that social entrepreneurs there are struggling for financial resources that prevent them from launching more of these efforts.

The firm decided to build a network where people and groups involved in social enterprise can connect, and launched a website to that end.

EPA previews what’s next for Sustainable Materials Management program

Sector Forward speaker shows power of ‘bridgers’

This year’s Sector Forward Summit was hosted by the Institute for Nonprofit Innovation and Excellence (INIE).

Keynote speaker Greg Vestri, co-founder of Vestment Global Services, served 19 years as CEO of Accenture and four years as CEO of Food for the Hungry. Greg believes “bridgers” are key to helping nonprofits advance their organization through for-profit frameworks rather than donor dollars to fund growth and expansion.

The INIE also announced a new program called Accelerate, an entrepreneurship program for nonprofits. This ten-class series is designed to support nonprofits interested in implementing or growing an earned income stream within their organizations.