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Five Headline Friday (5/11/18)

Happy Friday.  Here’s our news and views round-up for the week!

Since our partner ULEC collected 2000 lbs of books in April versus the usual under 1000, (congrats!) we got curious about books.

Local nonprofits find Amazon wish lists a prime resource for driving donations

“Several local organizations use Amazon’s wish list feature, … to request specific goods for their charitable causes.”  This article features a non-profit in Chicago that helps women in prison get the books they need to reach educational goals, such as GED prep books.  Non-profits can use the wish list to fund specific needs and donors appreciate knowing where their gift is going.

Another partner, URM, just did their groundbreaking ceremony for a transitional housing program.  What’s going on with homelessness and affordable housing?

Can good design help NYC’s affordable housing crisis?

Many cities are struggling responding to rising homeless populations and decreasing affordable housing. One important component of affordable housing is design.  New York City has made a public commitment to ensure public and affordable housing communities foster equity, resiliency, sustainability, and health by design.

The unprecedented success of the sharing economy

This article surveys the state of the sharing economy, or “collaborative consumption”, and it’s growing. “It is transforming the very way in which consumers see their products – as something to be shared – and having experienced the benefits, many are converted to this ‘sharing mindset’ ”  Airbnb, DogVacay, and Lyft are examples.  The good and bad effects of these enterprises are discussed.

The Future Of Sustainability Rests On The Shoulders Of Manufacturers

This opinion piece suggests that manufacturers can pivot toward a more circular model of production, but they will not do it without the media, consumers and designers providing the demand, and that the public needs to have more awareness of the need and possibilities for sustainable manufacturing.

How the furniture industry is embracing recycled materials

This article surveys European and American furniture manufacturers using reclaimed materials of many kinds.