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Five Headline Friday (7/6/18)

 Here are our fresh headlines for you on this Five Headline Friday.

Risk Leadership: A Necessary Embrace for Nonprofit Leaders

“If nonprofits do not take any risks at all, they cannot grow, adapt or respond to the needs of their clients.”

The Shoe Industry Is Undergoing a Massive Shift as Women Ditch Heels for Sneakers

Fresh data from ThredUp reveal an uptick in sneaker sales at the same time they are receiving 38% more heels. Read on to learn more about this market watch.

GUESS Scheme to Reuse & Recycle Used Clothing

Clothing manufacturer GUESS is partnering with I: Collect to to reduce textile waste and help create a circular fashion system.

Affordable Housing Crisis Affects the Job Market

The hourly wage needed in order to afford a place to live is causing residents of some metropolitan cities to relocate.

World’s First Plastic-Free Mark Will Help Shoppers Choose Eco-Friendly Products

Find out who the first retailers to adopt the mark will be…