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Friday Five (8/24/18)

┬áIt’s time again for the Friday Five!

Independent Bookstores are Thriving

“Stories and profiles from across the nation highlighting independent bookstores doing well despite online sales growth.

Look! An opportunity for the U.S. to get serious about recycling at home

Less than 10% of discarded plastics entered the recycling stream in the United States in 2015—read on to learn why the U.S. recycles so little plastic and what we can do differently.

Fashion Industry Funnels Money Towards Slavery, Fast Fashion’s Waste Problem

Did you know the fashion industry is the world’s second largest contributor to modern slavery? Yikes!

How to Create a Business That Does Good with a Social Enterprise

What is a social enterprise, what model is right for your organization, why does it matter?

Mustard Seed Visits our Mattress Recycling Facility in Woodland, CA!

Will Price from The Mustard Seed of Central Florida talking metal baler specs with Victor Prasad in Woodland, CA. We are happy to collaborate! #teamwork #mattressrecycling