Cascade Alliance

One Good Thing: Cascade Alliance Welcomes Newest Member

Global Neighborhood is a community organization based in Spokane, WA, that focuses on using business models to provide former refugees with opportunities for development so they can be successful members of the community.  When refugees first arrive in their new country, they face challenges with every area of life.  Global Neighborhood works alongside them to help with education, job training and other necessary life tasks

They currently run a retail thrift store that is growing and we are excited to be part of that expansion.  Our first collaboration task involves sending Curtis Bowser, our Warehouse Ruler, to Spokane to help develop a layout

strategy for their larger store.  He is skilled in warehouse operations, store planning and layout.  The photo to the right is of Curtis, he rarely smiles – the only time he smiles is when he’s planning store layouts.  The photo to down below is of Curtis helping with the store layout of one of our other members.

We are excited to work in collaboration with an organization that helps refugees find stability in a new place.