Cascade Alliance

Technique Tuesday: Strategies to Combat Shoplifting during the Holidays

With the holiday shopping season kicking off this week, we’ve chosen to re-share some key tips to preventing shoplifting in stores. Theft is a continuous problem. The best deterrent to shoplifting is giving the best customer service possible.

Preventative strategies we employ:

If we suspect someone is shoplifting:

Closing thoughts:

People donate to us because they believe in our mission and want us to do well; it’s very important for that to be part of the message communicated to staff. We want to respect the value of the product the way the donor wants it to be valued. Most theft is caught by line staff so it’s important to train them on how to handle it. Our goal is not just to protect our product, but to also protect our staff. We tell our staff to never chase someone or attempt to apprehend them.

If you suspect someone may be shoplifting, never accuse him, rather ask if you can help him or ring him up. Keep the person in your sight and contact security or a manager immediately. If the shoplifter leaves the store, provide security with a detailed description of the person, including his vehicle, if possible.