Cascade Alliance

Federal Program Creating Millions of Green Jobs

The Cascade Alliance’s network of social enterprises operate at the nexus of workforce development and waste diversion objectives. We’re all about green jobs to improve our local community’s environmental health and economic vitality. That’s why we’re excited to hear about a new federal workforce development program that combines environmental sustainability and economic development goals!

As recently announced by the Biden administration, one of the most popular work programs from the depression-era New Deal will be making an epic comeback in 2021.

The Civilian Climate Corps (CCC) is expected to employ millions of Americans in sustainability-focused careers that focus on restoring public lands and waters, planting trees, improving access to parks, and of course, tackling climate change. Duties for members of the CCC are also expected to include efforts like building green stormwater management systems, installing solar panels on homes, helping clean up toxic waste sites, and developing urban gardens.

Originally started in 1933, the CCC was beloved by American culture at the time for the financial security it ensured for working class families & the deep appreciation of nature that it inspired in millions of young men. During the Great Depression, it was fairly common for the young adult children of struggling families to leave the home at a young age in pursuit of work. The Works Progress Administration under President Franklin Roosevelt provided individuals with access to well-paying jobs in a wide variety of professional disciplines.

President Joe Bidenʼs version of the CCC will adopt policies that are more reflective of the American people & the administration’s commitment to equitable policy. One of the biggest critiques that historians have of this program is that it historically excluded women from its ranks and usually adopted policies of racial segregation when people of color joined the CCCʼs ranks. The version that we can expect to see in 2021 will be fully racially integrated and open to individuals of all ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and ages.

Though this program has historically received bipartisan support, the Biden administration plans to sign this program into existence by highlighting the tangible benefits of job creation, setting up a sustainable world for future generations, and making sure that the country has clean air and clean water for the foreseeable future. Once the program starts, CCC camps may start showing up in towns across America. The program will likely be quite visible, with many sustainability-focused projects underway in towns and cities.

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