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Secondhand Holiday Shopping is on the Rise

Among our members in the retail thrift industry, trends in holiday shopping has been a conversation topic as of late. We often wonder if customers will be driven to traditional retail or online platforms for their holiday shopping. But fear not! According to an October 2019 survey released by Accenture, sustainability is impacting consumer attitudes toward holiday shopping this year. The mainstreaming of buying secondhand is carrying over into the holiday season, much to our delight. With so many great items to be found in the secondhand sector, go green this black Friday!

The survey found a number of trends favorable to retail thrift:

Of course, we’ve long leveraged the holiday season to increase sales. Here are a few tips to market your product as gifts, and increase foot traffic in your store:

Along with our specialty Christmas displays, we typically feature an aisle with holiday decor and gift wrapping supplies.

Finally, this December 3rd will mark Giving Tuesday, a “Global Generosity Movement”. Find a nonprofit you want to partner with, to further our collective impact in our communities.