Cascade Alliance

Steps to Becoming a Member of the Cascade Alliance


Steps to Becoming a Member of the Cascade Alliance

Step 1: Tell us about your organization.

Fill out the new member questionnaire!

Step 2: Let’s talk. 

After we review your questionnaire, we’ll schedule a conference call with you to discuss the nature of waste-based businesses and assign some basic research tasks.

Step 3: We’ll visit.

We come visit your operation to help you determine what business will best suit you.

Step 4: You’ll visit. 

We bring you out to visit our facilities in Eugene, Oregon, to gain a greater depth of knowledge concerning waste-based businesses.

Step 5: Project feasibility.

We help you design an achievable business plan with the goal of creating sustainable jobs for people with barriers.

Step 6: Make it formal.

We memorialize our partnership in a signed one-year memorandum of understanding.

Step 7: You’re one of us!

We begin work offering you consulting services, technical assistance, more visits and some funding to help your waste-business succeed.