Cascade Alliance

Technique Tuesday: Expanding Your Community Circle

A few weeks ago, we brought up the idea of creating community rather than competition with other businesses in one’s city.  Instead of constantly focusing on competing with each other, organizations can build each other up and encourage their customers to check out one of their community partners.

What if we continued to expand the community circle and welcome more groups into that circle? 

Think of the major universities or colleges in your area, these would be great places to reach out to.  With large student populations, these would be ideal settings to put out donation bins during end of the school year when students move out, partnering with certain classes as outlets for research projects or internships, or tabling on campus during volunteer fairs.

Cascade Alliance has been doing just that and below are some of our Cascade Alliance members and how they interact with local universities in their area, just to give some ideas as to how far partnerships can go.

Finger Lakes Reuse – Ithaca, NY

Opportunity House – Reading, PA

Great Bridgeport Community Enterprises – Bridgeport, CT

TAP Into Hope – Roanoke, VA

Union Rescue Mission – Wichita, KS

Urban League of Essex County – Newark, NJ

Global Neighborhood – Spokane, WA

The Mustard Seed of Central Florida – Orlando, FL


*Pictured at the top is SVDP Lane Co’s Executive Director, Terry McDonald, speaking on a panel at MIT this past month.